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Doing The Work

We all at some time or another have great ideas. The ‘eureka’ moments that we want to share with the world. Often this comes from a long time spent in a certain field of study or from out of nowhere. This is the beginning of greatness for some. For others this is as far as it goes. The moment comes and without action it’s just a memory. Fear prevents us from taking action on these potentially genius ideas or we expect others to do the work while we sit back and muse. 

Thinkers and doers can no doubt have very different personalities. It’s those who can not only think but also do that reach their full potential. You’ve probably heard of the knowing and doing gap. I know what I need to do but yet I do nothing or do the opposite is how it plays out most of the time. What I’ve found to be the best approach is to start.Thoughts develop into action. Being intentional and writing down your ideas is action. As time permits you can revisit those ideas instead of wondering what they were. Setting aside time to work on your ideas is a great practice. Once your consistently taking action things begin to come together. 

It’s the Do The Work podcast series by Diego Footer that has inspired me to write this post. It’s his approach to life that I feel can make alot of difference in bridging the gap between having an idea and making it a reality. He signs off each episode with a simple message to his listeners. “Be nice, be thankful, & do the work”


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